Irene Prosdocimo, aka Irene Shapes. I am a musician, recording engineer and Berklee student. I am also the lead singer of the indie rock band Hopeful Thing and, when not playing with the band, I spend most of the time experimenting with audio, producing music, tracking and recording. If you need to find me check at the Blueberry Recording Studios or at my own place home studio.

Blueberry Studios

I am so lucky to work at this place…..

Beautiful SSL AWS900 console and lots of cool pieces of gear all around…

Book your next studio session with me as your audio engineer,

or ask me about online mix & master services!

Check the studio website and contact me for more info!

Hopeful Thing

My band! 

We recently released our debut album

“Things without Us”.

Hopeful Thing is an indie-rock band based in Italy and founded in 2018.

Visit our website and get a cd copy here! 

I recently opened a Teespring shop

I am designing funny T-shirts, accessories and more!… All is related to music production and audio engineering world!

Music is LIFE and Audio is FUN !!!


Check the store for more products and all available colors!

I decided to open a YouTube channel and share with you sessions, experiments, gear reviews, hardware/software comparisons, unusual recording techniques and much more!
Some of the videos are super fun!!  (Check the “Out of the Box” playlist).... Some other videos are more technical and specific  (and less fun!)….

But this is me!

I can be very precise and professional while at the same time I love playing and experimenting… 

the two things are always tightly connected and I believe this approach is a strength point in my production!

In fact the best recording sessions are those in which musicians and studio people are enjoying what they are doing.

My 3 Golden Rules:

(while working both as a recording engineer and a musician)

Know the intention and convey the energy into emotional impact

Always keep it interesting and engaging

Have fun!


DIY Microphone! Watch me as I build a microphone out of an old telephone. Super fun experiment with a very satisfying result. An unusual way to recreate a telephony effect. It has a very interesting sound and can be used as filter for vocal productions and more!

Filtering the sound of an amp using a funnel and a rubber tube. Great, powerful, unexpected result! Check it out yourself!

Simple, everyday tools turned into rhythmic and melodic instruments that I sampled and arranged to create one minute jingle.

Recoding one song using just one mic in a reverberant room. No artificial reverb in the mix!

Re-thinking how we make music, what is music, what is an instrument… and re-inventing it all!

I had so much fun recording this instrumental version of Foo Fighters’ Lear to Fly. Special guest… my cat purring!!!

Singing underwater in a bathtub and making a trumpet out of a funnel and a garden hose…. Experimenting with some very unique vocal and recording techniques!

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